Osprey Specimen Group & Friends book

Well unless you've lived under a stone for the last few months you must have heard that the Osprey Specimen Group is launching their own book at the end of this month!

From what started out as an idea to celebrate the group's tenth year, it's finally turned into a fitting tribute to the passing of one of our highly respected members.

Simon King was the group's records officer, and a good friend, and when last August the sad news that he had passed away after a short battle with cancer, it gave us the final impetus to get the book into print.

In the last couple of years before this misfortune occurred Simon fished many of his sessions with Osprey chairman Bob Hornegold, a top angler and familiar face around the waters of the Lee Valley region, and it was with Bob's selfless efforts contacting Simon's friends, fishing buddies, and Osprey Group acquaintances, that the book really started coming together.

The overwhelming response, which we are so grateful for, was obviously helped by the fact that all profits from the book will go to Cancer Research UK, a charity favoured by Simon's family.

With chapters from some very well known anglers, old and new, plus contributions from serving Osprey members, the content is wonderfully diverse, covering many of the different species, techniques, venues... and that love of just being out there fishing.

It may be the first all round specimen book to be published, a lot of our astute book readers in the group couldn't think of any others, so why not order a copy for a good read, and also do your bit to help fight cancer.

The book is available from Calm Productions, priced at £25, go to www.calmproductions.com/acatalog/ospreysg.html


Here's a list of contributor's:

Bob Hornegold Introduction  7
Mark Walsingham  A Carp Pool  9
MIles King  A Tribute to My Brother  10
Chapter 01  Tony Gibson  Bouncing Back  13
Chapter 02  Chris Ball  Pilgrimage to Beechmere  37
Chapter 03  Paul Stapley  Holy Trinity  43
Chapter 04  Neill Stephans  Boris and Betty  51
Chapter 05  Ray Taylor  A Lifetime of Angling  57
Chapter 06  Jim Morson  Big Carp Memoirs  63
Chapter 07  Bob Hornegold  2012-13 The Real Chub Story  77
Chapter 08  Chris Turnbull  Of Fireworks and Roach  89
Chapter 09  Ryan Burton  A Break From Tradition  97
Chapter 10  Paul Moulder  A Little Piece of Heaven  105
Chapter 11  Mike Lyddon  Cru’s Control  117
Chapter 12  Daryl Close  A Learning Curve  123
Chapter 13  Sam Meeuwissen  Red Letter Day? More Like a Four Letter Year  143
Chapter 14  Dave Loftus  An Obsession With River Pike  157
Chapter 15  Bob Hornegold  Always a Specimen Hunter  165
Chapter 16  Richard Borley  Lea Valley Memories  173
Chapter 17  Warren Gill  Going With The Flow  179
Chapter 18  Gary Newman  Chasing Dreams  187
Chapter 19  Bob Morris  Trace Elements and Lost Leaders  195
Chapter 20  Mark Walsingham  Days With Prof.  201
Chapter 21  Clive Bradley  From the Beginning  213
Chapter 22  Phil Buckingham  An Occasional Tench Angler  219
Chapter 23  Peter Akehurst  The Last Cast  225
Chapter 24  Simon King  What Lengths Would You Go To Catch a Fish?  229
Chapter 25  Bob Kitchener  Virgin Barbel  237
Chapter 26  Joe Royffe  Species of the Seasons  245
Chapter 27  Tony Pithers  Crucian Quest  255
Chapter 28  Martin Bowler  Time With Simon  259
Chapter 29  Tony Meers  My Quest for a Thirty  265
Chapter 30  Lee Tebble  Opportunity Knocks  275
Chapter 31  Christian Barker  Stalking Chub With the ‘Super Naturals’  281
Chapter 32  Chris Yates  Survivors of the Ice Age  295
Chapter 33  Mark Salt  The Beginning  297
Chapter 34  Gary Newland  Relief Channel Carping  307
Chapter 35  Len Arbery  Thames Barbel Fishing 1950s – Present  313
Chapter 36  Graham Elliott  Fishing With Simon  331
Chapter 37  Barry Shipman  Dream Fish  333
Chapter 38  Bob Buteux  All’s Well That End’s Well  339
Chapter 39  Jerry Hammond  The Journey Continues  343
Chapter 40  Chris Nicolaou  M-Tech Recipe  360