Have you got trust in the Trust?

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There was an interesting post on the Osprey Specimen Group website recently from a good mate of mine.. he asked what members latest thoughts were on the Angling trust? As it's been running for a while now, with all its ups and downs, changes of personnel, funding issues, and lately the amalgamation with the Angling Developement Board - is it living up to its original billing, and standing up for the common angler and his sport?

The first comment made was one that I think a lot of anglers would make, and that was, he didn't think the Trust was doing a great deal. The reply went on to say that they needed to be a 'stronger voice' and stand up for relevant issues affecting angling such as water abstraction, otters, cormorants, etc.

I then chipped in saying, that surely they were stuck between a rock and a hard place, if they can't get anglers to join, then it was difficult trying to be a more potent political force.. and until anglers think the Trust is doing their bit to stand up for our sport, many lads won't see the point in joining.. stalemate?

Another Osprey member was at one of the single species group's AGM recently, and related how he had joined the Trust whilst there. His mate had then asked why he was signing up, and his reply was 'It's no good me moaning about the problems facing angling, and then not joining the one organisation that's trying to give us a voice!'

He finished off saying 'In general us anglers are an apathetic lot!'.

Very true I'm afraid, as the next reply also agreed. 'If we don't support organisations like the Trust and the Predator Action Group, how can we then moan about the state of our rivers and lakes, etc. The Trust is doing the best it can, currently it has fewer than 20,000 individual members, and yet there are about 1,400,000 rod licence holders!'

'What use is your licence going to be when there is nothing left to fish for?'

Another bang on comment. How can any of us criticise what the Trust does, while grumbling about water abstraction, predation, pollution, and all the other problems which affect our fishing, then turn round and give them such a half-hearted response? 

At a time when we're all sorting out our permits and rod licences for this year, shouldn't we all go that extra mile, join up, and give the Trust the support which might just help give our sport a better future?  With adult membership being roughly the cost of a couple of bags of boilies, and considerably less if you're in your late teens, (and FREE for juniors), it's not going to break the bank is it?

So if you'd like to get a better idea of just what the Angling Trust is trying to tackle, click here.

And if you feel it's time to join the Angling Trust, click here.