Keeping on it...

As the weathers been keeping fairly mild, we're keeping on the carp!

It's back to our favourite venue at the mo, and we're dropping back in the same swims... well they've produced, have obvious features, and the weathers not tempting us to go elsewhere.

So what's now become a bit of a routine, we both set up the rods, put in a good amount of bait, both in the margin snags, and around the island, then cast in our hookbaits to our chosen spots. Next it's the bivvy to go up, Gary sorts his brolly, and once our homes for the night are ready it's time for the most important thing... the kettle to go on!

Gary has some serious carping experience behind him, doing nothing but for many a season, targeting and catching some wonderful fish. In recents years though, he, like a lot of us in Osprey, have given our attention to catching some of the other specimen fish we have in our waters. 

On the other hand I've never seriously carp fished before, a day session here and there during the season maybe, but not doing nights, and not a concerted effort at a single venue, so I suppose it isn't that surprising my personal bests have only been in the 17-18lb region.

So at the beginning of last season when we were discussing what tickets to renew, we decided to extend our membership from just day, to day/night access on what has become our favourite carp lake... at the moment!

And what a good call that's turned out to be, with some serious help from Gary, my mirror PB was beaten with a 24lb+ fish last year, and now with my best common putting in an appearance last week... not that Gary's been sitting there playing gooseberry either, with assorted 'twenties' being caught at fairly regular intervals... it's been good!

We were hoping that would continue as we tucked ourselves into our sleeping bags, but besides the odd 'beep' all we could hear during the night, was the sound of fish jumping and rolling.

It wasn't until the early hours that I get a 'beep' then a screaming take that has me out of the bivvy in a flash, and in control of the margin rod that's now pointing at right angles in line with the bank!

Keeping the pressure on soon has my quarry out into open water, not that it means the fish has given up, exactly the opposite in fact, and I'm now countering the deep lunges of what seems a good fish determined not to have its photo taken!

The margin rod seemed to be doing the business!

The margin rod seemed to be doing the business!

But I know what I'm doing nowadays, and with the clutch set correctly, and using the rod to dampen the heavy pulls, it's not long before Gary slips the net under the fish. As usual all the gears ready, so on the scales, and they settle at 25lb 8ozs.

Well that's another cracking common to add to the catch list! It must be time for the kettle to go on, as we ponder over the growing list of catches we've now had here... can it continue, only time will tell? 

It's about 8am now and we give it another couple of hours before packing up. With the weather staying so mild for the time of year we make plans to return next week... well it's not cold enough for the pike yet, and you never know what might come along next!