On with the show!

Enjoyed the Brentwood Carp Show, I popped along on Sunday, and besides the fun getting parked up, it was a good event… as usual!

The main hall was crammed with loads of top exhibitors like Korda, Nash, Gardner, Solar, and Fox to name but a few, as well as in the main marquee you'd find the lads from Free Spirit, Taska, ATT, and many more, all showing extensive ranges from their product lines.

Always seems to be a fair balance between the big stuff like rods, reels, bivvy's, etc, down to the still important bits like swivels, leads, PVA, etc.

Outside there was the obligatory casting demo's with free distance casting tuition, back inside there was also a full programme of chats, demonstrations, and masterclasses, I spent some time listening to Pete Castle's digital photography talk which I thought was very interesting.

Moving round to see my friends on the MPress stand, I knew they'd probably have a big name or two publicising their latest books, or DVDs. In fact if you want some of the best angling reading around, always visit their stand, as they deal with guys like Terry Hearn, Matt Hayes, Jerry Hammond, Martin Bowler… and there's always the chance you'll meet the guys themselves.

It was good to have a chat with John Claridge about his book

It was good to have a chat with John Claridge about his book

As it happens on Sunday there was Terry and Jerry (ain't that a cartoon!) to say hello to, and also for me, a first meeting with John Claridge who's book 'Beauties and the Beasts' was released recently. I'm reading his book at the moment, so it was great to have a chat with the man himself and get a few insights into the twenty odd years of fishing that have gone into the making of the book. Once I've worked my way through this heavyweight 'tome' I'll post a review on the site.

Another person I was hoping to chat with, was Lewis Read, one of the top boys at innovative tackle firm Gardner.

Gary and myself have used loads of their products for years, and knowing Lewis and many of his team for a lot of that time, we thought it would be great to start bringing you some input from this very creative company. So keep an eye out here for some interesting viewing… and of course Gary and myself will bring you an in-depth run down on what we use, and how it does it's job!

So with a final lap just to see if I missed anything, it was time to leave, and with a few bits and pieces in hand, I was off home after a productive day out!

Beauties and the Beasts retails at £27.00 and is available from Calm Productions here.