At White Acres you can fish for just about everything!

Lakes galore at White Acres Fishery

Lakes galore at White Acres Fishery

It was great to get an invite from the guys at Parkdean to visit their well renown fishery White Acres, set in the beautiful Cornish countryside. Covering 184 acres and containing 10 pleasure lakes and 3 specimen lakes it had more than enough water to entertain us for the week.

Joining me were a couple of old friends, Gardner Tackle’s Mike Lyddon, and from the Stoney and Friends charity, Allan Stone. Now myself and Mike are primarily specimen anglers and Allan I think would just call himself a pleasure angler nowadays, so with specimen, match, and pleasure fishing available at the complex it should keep us all happy.

Saying that though, we’d already discussed what we fancied fishing for and all agreed that this was a chance to do a bit of float and feeder work as opposed to camping out and sitting behind alarms as we generally do… not to say we hadn’t packed a couple of carp rods just in case!

I’d already met the park’s head of fisheries Clint Elliott and some of his team at the Big One show earlier in the year, and with a follow up phone call, he’d ran through the many species we could float fish for, and also mentioned the big carp, cats, eels, and perch, that might also be of interest if we fancied some slightly more specialised angling.

It’s always an idea to know what you want to catch otherwise you’ll end up taking every bit of tackle you own… we still ended up bringing half a dozen rods each!

Anyway, so I’ve now written a day to day diary piece to recount our week’s activities at this top venue.

Our home for the week, the Coverack caravan

Our home for the week, the Coverack caravan


Meeting my mates at Fleet services around 7am we headed off down the M3, it’s a fairly simple journey using the A303, the A30, then near Bodmin grab the A39 to Newquay before finally doing the last couple of miles on the A392 to the park itself.

Check in was nice and relaxed, and as we’d arrived early afternoon, slightly before our caravan was ready, we had a quick ride over to the Fishing lodge to introduce ourselves. Clint then gave us a run down on how the lakes were fishing before one of his colleagues pointed out the best swims for the different species. Which was all very helpful and gave us an idea of where to try during the coming week.

Once given the all clear it was off to our caravan holiday home, and what a beauty it was.

New for 2016, the Coverack caravan has 3 bedrooms, one double with its own shower and toilet, and 2 twins. There’s a spacious lounge/dining area next to the fully equipped kitchen with fridge, microwave, cooker and all cooking utensils. A separate bathroom with toilet, wash basin and shower allows the accommodation to easily handle 6-8 people if needed.

We then made a quick trip to the local supermarket and stocked up on supplies for the week. There is a convenience store on site that has all the essentials, plus an off licence, bakery and launderette.

Cooking some food back at the caravan and enjoying a good catch up, I think we’re all looking forward to some interesting fishing.

Mike and Allan enjoying the sunshine on Pollawyn lake

Mike and Allan enjoying the sunshine on Pollawyn lake


Our first session, and we decided to enjoy a day’s pleasure fishing on Pollawyn lake. It’s one of the 10 match waters on the complex with carp to 20lb, F1’s, tench, crucians, bream, perch, roach, rudd, chub and barbel.

Now depending on where your caravan is situated, you can either walk, or barrow your gear down to your chosen lake, or if like us you’re a little further away, it’s easy enough to pop your tackle in the car and drive down to the car parking area adjacent to the Fishing Lodge, then head off to the lakes from there.

Which we did, and then soon found an area of bank that looked promising, and we didn’t waste any time putting out a ledger and a float to work in our respective swims. The biting winds of the previous week seemed to be fading away and we were now blessed with some warming sunshine.

It wasn’t long before we started getting bites, Mike was first to put a fish on the bank, a bream of around a pound, caught on his ledger rod. Through the afternoon more bream and perch were landed by Mike and Allan, I on the other hand seemed to be getting plenty of bites but not connecting with anything? I’d set up with a small feeder filled with chopped worm, and had a nice juicy lobworm on the hook which I hoped would attract the big perch that were supposed to live in the lake.

By the end of the session Mike had started catching some of the carp, mostly in the 2-3lb stamp, plus a chub, and yours truly remained resolutely fishless!

That evening we went to eat at the park’s restaurant the Polkerris Bar, Pizzeria & Grill. With great choices on the menu, and all at very reasonable prices, it’s a nice option to cooking and eating in your caravan. And having a beer at the bar afterwards is the perfect time to dissect the day’s tactics.

Although we’d had a few fish our discussion soon turned to why we’d not caught more and it was probably that we were fishing too heavy, even though our tackle was already scaled down, it possibly wasn’t enough as most of the lakes were predominately match fished with anglers using very light lines, tiny hooks, and small baits. Something we definitely had to bare in mind.

Trust Allan to hook an old sunken rod rest!

Trust Allan to hook an old sunken rod rest!


After all the planning this soon turned into a rest day!

I think with the 6-hour drive down, and a good 8-hour session on the lake the day before had all caught up with us, so instead of an early start and trying a different lake, we ended up sleeping in.

Even before we’d arrived there was an idea of taking a trip to the coast and having a day’s sea fishing, probably on Thursday or Friday, so with our late start we decide to head into Newquay and explore a few places so we’d know where to go later in the week.

It was a beautiful day, so after parking up we strolled into this popular seaside town. Set upon the rocky cliffs with views out over the bay and the miles of sandy beaches, we couldn’t resist grabbing an ice cream and a wander down to the harbour to watch the fishing boats navigate in and out.

Checking out two or three possible fishing spots amongst the cliffs that were recommended by the local tackle shop it started to become apparent Allan might have a problem. His knee’s were starting to protest at the climbing and I think we all knew the sea fishing would have to be left until another time.

That was a real shame, but we’d make the most of our seaside trip and grab some lunch at one of the quaint pub’s on the way back. Although we hadn’t realised how much time had passed and soon found that all of them had stopped serving food. We were really doing well today!

The other part of the original plan was to get back fairly sharpish and have a few hours fishing into dusk, but even that fell by the wayside as we were hungry and ate early back at the onsite restaurant, and then chatted what was left of the evening away on where we fancied going tomorrow.

Oh well, this was supposed to be a holiday, as well as enjoying some great fishing. So it was good to see some of the surrounding attractions, and you have places like the Eden Project, Tintagel Castle, Newquay Zoo, Crealy Great Adventure Park all within easy reach.

That'll do, Mike puts a nice mirror on the bank

That'll do, Mike puts a nice mirror on the bank


A new day and a new lake, and we were off to Pat’s Pool. With Nelsons and Bolingey, they make up the three specimen waters here at White Acres.

Bolingey may ring a few bells with some of you, as it’s well known for it’s pleasure catches of over 100lbs, and festival catches in excess of 200lbs! It’s not actually within the complex, however it’s easily reachable by car in around 20 minutes.

Anyway we were happy to stay within the park and with Pat’s boasting mirror, common and ghost carp to 33lb, and cat’s to 74lb, they’d be more than enough to keep us busy.

We’d noticed earlier in the week which was the popular bank with 4 or 5 bivvies along it’s length, and sure enough with us not getting there at dawn most of those swims were already taken, but there was plenty of room around other parts of the lake.

Picking a spot that suited us all, we soon had our baits out to assorted features. In fact nearly all the lakes have features in abundance, plenty of islands, bars, shallows, lily pads, or deep water areas.

But try as we might nothing was caught, and through the morning we started seeing fish splashing up against the islands, and thrashing amongst the reeds, it seemed that with the warmer weather the fish had started to spawn. Just what we needed!

Later in the afternoon Mike packs up most of his gear and goes on walkabouts with a single rod, and a couple of hours later my phone rings, it’s Mike and he’s had one.

It seems he’d spotted a few carp on the surface going in and out of the lily pads so spent his time gently flicking out single dog mixers until they were feeding confidently and then lowered a freelined mixer right on top of them and had almost an instant bite.

I walk round with the camera and get a few snaps of his capture, a 16lb 10oz mirror, now that’s a proper fish!

Sadly Thursday ends with Allan having to pack his gear and make his way home. He’d had a phone call during the afternoon to say his wife had had an accident and so he wanted to get back to see her.

Mike found a tactic that worked and kept at it!

Mike found a tactic that worked and kept at it!


Our morning started with a call from Allan to say his journey home was uneventful and that his wife was now comfortable. That was good news.

So just the two of us to choose where to go, and Mike came up with a suggestion. Amongst the carp he’d seen yesterday was a huge ghostie and he wanted another try for it. That was fine with me as I’d drop in above him and fish another set of pads nearby.

It’s a nice relaxed session, Mike spending hours scanning the pads for carp while I pop one bait in off the edge of the pads, and another close to the side of a small island… then chill!

We’ve worked out that it was the bream spawning yesterday, and they’re still at it today, but now we’re noticing the carp are playfully following each other in two’s and three’s.

Around midday I hear a big splash and there’s Mike playing another carp amongst the pads. I help him net this one and it goes 17lb 8ozs, a chunky ghostie.

But that becomes our only action of the day, even though I have feeding bubbles and those telltale clouds under the water right next to my bait?

Yes that's me with a fish, I finally open my account here at White Acres

Yes that's me with a fish, I finally open my account here at White Acres


One of our initial plans had been to leave Nelson's lake until later in the week as the forecast was for the weather to slowly warm up. Our thinking being that catfish tend to prefer the warmer temperatures, and so this might increase our chances.

But now with only a couple of days left, and me still with not a fish to my name, it was time to pack the carp rods in the cars and head over to Nelson’s. Besides catfish to over 50lb, the lake holds carp to 28lb, ghost carp to 20lb+.

Not wanting to waste time cooking breakfast we popped into the First Bite Cafe, down by the lakes. It does a cracking ‘full English’ with plenty of tea and coffee!

On arrival we left our kit in the car and had a stroll round the water to see if we could spot any fish moving. It's one of those tales said amongst anglers that 'car park' swims are supposedly for lazy people, but on the other hand they usually get fished regularly, and can be a place where left over bait gets dumped, so they often hold fish.

As we came to the first corner of the lake we saw two or three carp milling about, then another, and another. Looking more closely we soon picked out seven or eight more, and as we moved along the first bank other carp were either cruising on the surface or lazily swimming through the marginal weed beds.

I also asked Mike if he'd noticed that the lake was empty… no one else was fishing it? We continued our lap of the lake quickly noting that the only showing fish were in that first bay, and so it wasn't hard to pick where we going... in those first two swims!

Once you get one, you get loads...

Once you get one, you get loads...

Once set up Mike continued his successful tactic of waiting and watching moving fish and feeding them Chum mixers.

I unpack my gear and soon notice fish moving through the weed close to my bank, and with Mike's influence starting to rub off on me I put out a couple of handfuls of pellet into an area of open water between the weed.

No more than a few minutes later I watch as a ghost carp circles the area twice before moving over the pellet and then starts to feed. It finally moves away and gives me a chance to top the spot up with more pellet, and more importantly place a free lined lobworm right in the middle.

I set up my other rod, and even though this was one of the specimen lakes, as we'd kept in mind that as a venue it’s predominately match fished it might be worth trying smaller hook baits, so I opt for a small 12mm boilie with a golf ball sized pva bag of pellets nicked on the hook. It's cast out to a gap between two islands.

Not long after I'm settled the marginal rod comes to life, a few bleeps on the alarm and my rod tip pulls round. I'm now playing what looks like one of the ghostie's as it zig-zags back and forth through the weed before I guide it gratefully into the net.

It's not huge at 11lbs, but I’ve finally had my first White Acres fish so I'm relieved!

Things get even better when 20 minutes later my other rod screams off and I land a 15lb 4oz common, and it looks like our thoughts on small baits might be working.

Mike gets in on the act next, he’s now playing a pretty fully scaled mirror that tips the scales at 21lb 4oz, and he’s proved over the last 3 days that patience and a bit of stealth can really pay dividends.

Fishing through to the evening our final tally is 14 carp, an assortment of mirrors, commons, and ghosties. I even hook what feels like a truck as it powers off down the lake, I’m assuming it’s a cat, but the hook pulls so we’ll never know!

A lovely ghostie ends up in Mike's net

A lovely ghostie ends up in Mike's net


It all comes around so quick, and suddenly it’s our last day. The choice comes down to either catching a bag full of smaller stuff, or still trying for a larger catch. The specimen angler inside both of us wins and we head back for a last go on Pat’s Pool.

Breakfast again in the cafe, then it’s off to the lake where I pick a swim that allows me to get a bait out to the middle of the lake. And there’s no mucking around with small baits this time, I’ve got 20mm boilies on each rod and covered them in a thick layer of paste. Then catapulted out a handful of boilies into each spot. Good enough for any cat!

You might have guessed, Mike is armed with just a single rod and has gone walkabouts yet again. Dropping into the swims next to the pads he’s content just to track the carp movements and hopefully entice them to feed.

Some vigorous liners have me up and next to my rods time and again until in the early afternoon I get a very half-hearted bite. I play in what turns out to be a bream of around a pound, now how did that get a 20mm boilie in its mouth?

I see Mike checking out numerous spots but it seems the fish aren’t playing today. Well that’s not completely true as through the afternoon I start seeing more and more carp topping, jumping, and crashing through the reeds as I imagine spawning has now begun for them.

Oh well it’s been a great week and we’ve all caught… even me!

White Acres is a smashing place to come and fish, but also to bring your wife or partner (perhaps it’s them that fish?), and the children too. With an indoor swimming pool, crazy golf, adventure playground, mini ten-pin bowling, and amusement arcade, the kids won’t be bored, and for the grown ups there’s always the spa bath, sauna and gym, or the ladies might like to make use of the solarium and beautician?

The restaurant is a great place to eat, and then there’s live family entertainment in the Lakeside Club, or you could just have a drink at the welcoming bar.

When booking your holiday just check if there is a festival happening the same week. There’s no problem if you want to come and enjoy the matches and see some of the star anglers, or even take part, but if you just want to fish it can be very busy and certain lakes may be closed.


Name: Parkdean Holidays’ White Acres Holiday Park

Where: Near Newquay, Cornwall

Accommodation: Coverack caravan which sleeps 6 to 8 guests

Pricing: Prices differ depending on your week, here are some examples. Arriving Friday 20 May for seven nights £649, arriving Saturday 28 May for seven nights £999.

Park facilities: 13 coarse fishing lakes, tackle shop, heated indoor pool, spa bath, sauna and gym, Polkerris Bar, Pizzeria and Grill, The Lakeside Club, Polkerris Bar and Lounge, Fish ‘n’ Chip Shop and a café.

To book: Call 0344 335 3450 or visit

For more info on Gardner Tackle try

For more info on Stoney & Friends try

At the Big One

Well the Big One lived up to it's name.

Housed in two massive adjoining marquees where over 200 exhibitors were showing everything from bait to boats, and waters to whisky, plus just about every other bit of tackle you could think of in between.

And considering the distance I had to walk from my car to the entrance this event was well attended!

I turned up on the Saturday morning and was straight into taking a few pictures of the runner-up in our recent contest to win VIP tickets for the show. A quick introduction to Rebecca, and her very happy partner Andy (it seems he's the angler out of the two), and we grab angling celebrity Des Taylor who congratulates them, then has his photo taken with them.

Next I'm weaving through the growing crowd towards the Stoney and Friends stand to deliver some old carp magazines that have been kindly donated by a mutual friend, and these will be auctioned off later to help this very worthy cause.

After a nice chat with Allan and his colleagues I'm heading back to the show's reception to see if the organisers have tracked down our contest winner yet, as we need him to be recorded for prosperity as well, and it seems they have. We're all on for a photo-call mid afternoon.

That's great, so now I finally have a bit of time to properly look round the show and see what new gear is out there.

And there's certainly plenty to see with nearly all the major tackle firms here plus a host of star names, like Bob Nudd, Adam Penning, Alan Blair, and of course dear old Des as just some that I noticed. There were also some great show deals going on with lots of tackle being put out at a special show price, not that that helped the Sensas boys who I heard had completely sold out of their groundbait by mid afternoon, and this was only the first day!

So I found some interesting new bits as usual, as you'll see below, before I was heading back to the Daiwa stand to meet our top prize winner Sebastian with his partner Elaine. It seems it was the girls who were actually responsible for helping both the lads, with Rebecca emailing in their answer and Elaine telling Sebastian to send in an entry.

Just goes to prove it's always worth having a go guys!

On a more practical level there was plenty of seating available after grabbing a bite to eat at the many food outlets nearby or even a quick pint, then again you might just want to take the weight off your feet. Toilet facilities were fine, and the general layout of the stands was good for moving around… and was I the only one to get the irony of having the RSPB stand only feet away from the Angling Trust's?

All in all a great show.

Solar's new bait concept, that's surprising a lot of people, with it's quality, and it's price

Solar's new bait concept, that's surprising a lot of people, with it's quality, and it's price

Having a mate who now works for Solar is handy, especially when he passes me on to one of his colleagues who is all clued up and wonderfully enthusiastic.

So we got straight into the two new boilie recipes on display, or 'Dragons' as Solar calls them, of Meat, Liver, X (MLX), and Chocolate, Nut, and Caramel (CNC), that by all accounts are doing pretty well. But the big thing is their price, as Solar are selling them online for £5 a kilo!

Cutting out the sponsored anglers, the fancy packaging, and selling direct online allows them to sell at this amazingly low price. It's certainly woken up their competitors and with hearty endorsements from their own online angling community it's a very interesting concept.

I hope to do a more in depth report on this soon.

Prestige Engineering's latest version of the mighty Power Porter, you could carry half your house on this one!

Prestige Engineering's latest version of the mighty Power Porter, you could carry half your house on this one!

If like me you seem to be carrying more gear than you have back in your house, every time you go carping, how about this fully kitted out Power Porter from Prestige Engineering?

Electrically driven, with variable fingertip controls to match your walking speed, wide front wheel to help with stability and grip on muddy banks, let alone the huge luggage capacity, makes it a hefty workhorse. It can be easily dismantled for storage.

There was a great show offer on at the time but in real life they're in the £600+ area. Ouch! 

This handy Guru rig holder carries 8 ready tied rigs that come in a range of sizes and set-ups

This handy Guru rig holder carries 8 ready tied rigs that come in a range of sizes and set-ups

These new QM1 ready tied rigs look pretty handy. The hooks range in size from 10 to 16 with line strengths to match. There's a 15" set-up for feeder and combi rigs, and 4" versions for method and pellet feeder rigs.

And just to make your choice even harder there's a bayonet, bait band and speed stop option as well! All feature Guru's well known QM1 hook, as the name suggests.

From rod rests to feeders to baitboxes, all new products from Guru due out this May

From rod rests to feeders to baitboxes, all new products from Guru due out this May

Dinsmores have updated their shot ranges and also introduced the tough gripping Styx

Dinsmores have updated their shot ranges and also introduced the tough gripping Styx

Last but not least I spotted these on the Dinsmore stand.

From a household name in fishing tackle these Shot and Styx come in a variety of styles to cover many of our fishing needs. For the carp angler a range of shot to critically balance their bait, and also produced in five popular boilie colours to blend in and become invisible to the fish.

Then there's the new Grippa-Styx which give great hold on lines under tension. With a special coating that is very line friendly these Styx give perfect grip, and with an extra wide slot they can attach to wider diameter lines.

So that's it show wise for another year and I hope I've found a few interesting items that might help your fishing guys, and as always I'll put links below to the manufacturers so you can get specific product info if you need it.

For Solar Tackle go to

For Prestige Engineering go to

For Guru Tackle go to

For Dinsmores go to

Brentwood Show 2015

As I'm always banging on about having limited time to get out fishing (let alone other angling related trips!) as family, work, and life generally seem to get in the way, it may come as no surprise that during the recent half-term I was busy again as we ended up going away for a few days, chucking ourselves down the sides of mountains…. on ski's of course!

Which was nice, but it stopped me doing my write up on the Brentwood show, so as they say, it's better late than never and here's what I found!

I popped over to the Brentwood Centre on the Saturday, getting there mid morning and it was nicely busy. Entering via the main entrance which leads straight into the marquee that sits just next to the main building and houses the overspill of exhibitors from the main hall. 

Not that these guys are after thoughts, with the likes of Taska, Free Spirit, Trakker, and Diem, all having large displays in here, in fact I think they'd crammed in more stands than usual.

So there was plenty to have a look at and as the place filled up I made my way into the main hall. Here you had more big names like Fox, Nash, Gardner, and Korda all adding to the 100+ exhibitors at this years event.

I don't know what it is but this show always feels a little more intimate and friendly, and with a strong turnout it certainly had a good feel to it.

And as usual I kept my eyes open for new gear that might be useful in the coming season.

Nothing like getting a bend in your rod, I'm trying out one of the Starbaits M5 rod range at the show... please don't let go...

Nothing like getting a bend in your rod, I'm trying out one of the Starbaits M5 rod range at the show... please don't let go...

Golden Maggot glug... err, lovely?

Golden Maggot glug... err, lovely?

Sensas have been one of the big players over in Europe for a number of years, and we in the UK have enjoyed using their bait amongst other items, but now they're expanding their fishing tackle range through the Starbaits brand.

From bivvy's to rods, luggage, alarms, and rig materials, there's a lot of interesting gear to watch out for. I played with some of their M5 rod range which is designed for the all round carp angler, built with an action soft enough to enjoy playing the fish but strong enough to put a bag out at distance. They come with full Fuji SIC fittings throughout, from a 50mm butt guide to 20mm tip ring.

I also liked the look of these Preparation Bright Tigers bait.

They're carefully selected tigernuts that are highly coloured then soaked in a heavily concentrated feeding stimulant, which I think will work well either as a single hookbait, or tipping off a boilie.

And if you're targeting the carp with maggot this coming season the Starbaits LayerZ Golden Maggot might be of interest. Being PVA friendly this glug is made of real maggot carcases and ground up maggots, so could have a lot of uses, and is the latest addition to the LayerZ range.

These caught my eye, and I imagine they will help put a lot of carp on the bank this season

These caught my eye, and I imagine they will help put a lot of carp on the bank this season

Right, and now it's on to a hefty, but very necessary bit of kit, and I've wandered over to the Wychwood stand. Amongst the many bivvies and brolly systems around the show this beauty stood out.

With developement involving some of the top anglers in the UK Wychwood have produced the lightweight, quick to erect D-Ploy shelter. Using a spreader block engineered by those clever guys at JAG, it has reinforced aluminium ribs, a quick-strap overwrap system, and if I'm getting this right, a membrane that is much more waterproof for much less weight!

It also comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, so that may help you to forget the price!

A camping we will go, and a very nice time would be had by all in this Wychwood bivvy

A camping we will go, and a very nice time would be had by all in this Wychwood bivvy

The last item that took my eye was an addition to their already successful range of baits on the DT Bait Developement stand. 

Having monitored many of their competitors ranges, that had pop-ups which finally sank, and wafters that floated way off the bottom, these critically balanced baits from DT are the perfect complement to the already successful Howler and Supa Fruit flavours.

Adding to their already succesful line of products these baits should help many of us improve our catch rates

Adding to their already succesful line of products these baits should help many of us improve our catch rates

Hope that's given you some things to look out for, and as always I'll put links below to the manufacturers so you can get specific product info if you need it.

For Starbaits go to

For Wychwood tackle go to

For DT Bait Developements go to

Sandown visit

Grumpy looking geezer ain't he? Me that is, not Tel!

Grumpy looking geezer ain't he? Me that is, not Tel!

For me it was a slightly different visit to the Carp Society's show at Sandown this year. Having been invited to spend the day on the Mpress stand to help promote our own publication, The Osprey Specimen Group & Friends book, it didn't leave me a lot of time to wander around the stands as I usually do and check out what was new from the tackle boys.

Not that I can complain, as on the day there was Martin Bowler, Martin Clarke, and Terry Hearn, all sitting within a few feet and very happy to have a chat whenever they weren't talking with the public. In fact I had quite an in depth discussion with Martin Clarke on fish predation, rod licencing, young anglers, and even fishery management!

Whereas Terry and myself seemed to be getting a bit more practical with him relaying how he changed over from slide photography for recording his fish captures to the more user-friendly digital format... and when he nearly lost a whole years worth of pictures, which is probably everyone's nightmare, so all very interesting stuff.

I was well looked after by Cliff and Paul Moulder and my thanks to them for inviting me, and I did actually manage to sell a few books. Though not as many as Mr Bowler, who by the end of the day had sold all his stock of Totally Immersed!

But I did sneak off for an hour to quickly sort out a few nice bits that I'm sure will be picked up on by many anglers in the next few months. Here's what I found.

Taska's new hooklink and leaders looked really good

Taska's new hooklink and leaders looked really good

As the Taska display was just opposite the Mpress stand it seemed the obvious place to start and I was soon being shown their latest Deceptive Fluorocarbon mainline and hooklink range.

I peeled off a length and it felt amazingly supple, and when placed in one of their tanks it sank to the bottom in seconds, and was almost invisible. Then there was the Evolve Shurlink, a sort of woven fluoro that's coated for a really slim diameter hooklink, that also has a great deal of stretch in it.

Finally I was given a quick demonstration of their new leader material being folded and squashed into one of the lads hands, then squeezed tight, only for it to drop out without a kink or bend in it as his hand was opened again. Top quality gear from the lads as usual.

A blast from the past, with Geoff Kemp flavours available from CC Moore's

A blast from the past, with Geoff Kemp flavours available from CC Moore's

It was then over to top bait suppliers CC Moore and I asked what was the hot product they had at this year's show, and they took me straight to the new Geoff Kemp flavours.

A big name back in the 80s, and known as one of the original bait flavour manufacturers, his ingredients accounted for many large carp, so CC Moore's are very happy to be sourcing these great flavours from the man himself.

On sale at the show and on general release from the 1st December, I was told that further projects were now being talked about with Geoff. All sounds pretty interesting?

Covering all bases, Munch Baits latest stick mix range

Covering all bases, Munch Baits latest stick mix range

Then a stroll round to the Munch Baits stand and I soon spotted that the guys are adding to their excellent product list with the addition of the new Active Stix range.

Designed to complement their boilies, pop-ups, and glugs, the stick mix mirrors their three signature recipes PH1, Entity, and The Compound.

Sold in 550g tubs it's ready to use and boasts high attraction and a fast breakdown, and of course is made with purely natural ingredients continuing the company ethos.

Not keeping us in the dark anymore, Gardner's Glo Pro line marker...

Not keeping us in the dark anymore, Gardner's Glo Pro line marker...

My last port of call was to the Gardner lads, and first up was the new Glo Pro liquid line marker.

Available in four colours, this luminous paint on indicator helps you get your baits back on the same spot when re-casting. Once you've clipped up to a distance just paint an inch or so of line near the reel, then every time you have to recast all you do is find the Glo Pro mark and clip up near it to match the same distance. 

With a good blast from a headtorch or UV torch the liquid will glow for 10 minutes. It's sold in single bottles, or in twin packs, with a UV torch included.

Then last in my quick look at new stuff at the show was Gardner's Ultra Skin hooklink. It's a finely coated braid that is seriously thin through all the 15lb, 25lb, and 35lb range, and can still be stripped easily. Got to have a play with this for my carping, and possibly for the barbel too!

...and the new super supple hooklink with a very thin diameter

...and the new super supple hooklink with a very thin diameter

Hope that's given you a few things to look out for when you're next in your local tackle shop, and as always I'll put links below to the manufacturers so you can get specific product info if you need it.

For Taska go to

For CC Moore go to

For Munch Baits go to

For Gardner Tackle go to