Home Made Boilies - The Complete Collection

Are you into making your own baits? Well this book may just be the answer to your prayers!

Written by Anthony Wood, who I initially started following on social media, before beginning to chat properly with this very knowledgeable fellow. He's also written a couple of articles for this site, on active groundbaits and grub lures, so check them out in the blog section.

Anyway the book, as the name suggests, is a compilation of volumes 1, 2, & 3 of Anthony's recipes for making some very effective baits, and at very little cost, compared with buying off the shelf.

Taking us from the 'Science bit' as he calls it, through to base mixes, additives, texture, and then into making one of the most popular baits around, the boilie.

There's a section on making some of the main ingredients for the baits yourselves, with an explanation of what these and other constituents actually do within the boilie itself.

Next comes the recipes, and there are plenty, starting with basic boilies and leading through to advanced mixes that will keep the fish searching for them season after season. From Coconut Cream, to Squid and Scopex, to Hotdog, there's a wide range of flavours and with all the ingredients listed alongside the correct amounts the recipes are easy to follow. The section finishes with instructions on making your own pop-ups and pastes.

Following on we have chapters on groundbaits, spod and sticky mix, making your own luncheon meat, cheese paste, and flavoured breads, then some handy tips on preparing hemp and tiger nuts.

With bonus chapters on float making and bottle cap lures this book is perfect for the angler who likes a bit of DIY bait making.

The book is priced at £9.99 and is available here.