Here’s a great range of new pop-ups from Baitcraft

After their very successful and innovative back rest product released last year, Bank Bug moved on to become the official suppliers of the cult carp bait produced by Baitcraft.

With top flavours T1, Super K, and Snowball having proved themselves on the bank they are now easy to order freshly rolled and delivered ready to freeze, and are also available in shelf-life with a full range of sizes.

But the guys at Baitcraft have been in touch recently to let me know of their latest release, the UK Tactical Pop-Ups range.

Rolled to be extremely buoyant they eliminate the need for cork balls, remaining suspended indefinitely. The pop-ups are made from a high leakage food source base mix containing natural carp attractors, taste enhancers including Robin Red and Haith’s CLO, so with a mixture of 18 unique, classic and all time favourite flavours, you should be able to find at least one to suit your needs.

Available in 250ml pots with a mixture of 12mm and 16mm sizes they retail at £8.99 each.

For more info click here.

Here’s the full list of flavours:

Lobster Thermidor, Squid Supreme, Crayfish Caviar, Tuna Twist, Sweet GLM, Pukka Pineapple, Perfect Plum, Banana Cream, Super Tutti, Blackcurrant Juice, Aniseed Twist, Classic Butterscotch, Curry Club, Sticky Toffee, Old Skool Whiskey, Roasted Nut, Frankfurter Plus, Royal Rosehip