Top product releases from the guys at Bait-Tech


Now in their 10th anniversary year the guys at Bait-Tech have given me a shout about some of their recent releases.

Their new boilie range is Triple-N, which has a blend of Peanut, Tigernut, and Hazelnut meals and flours. Mixed to the perfect ratio and combined with bird foods and milk proteins to make a top quality easily digestible boilie.

With the addition of a unique liquid food to give it a sweet and creamy flavour, plus the added dedicated feed stimulant to help trigger a healthy feeding response.

Available as shelf life or freezer, there’s also pop-ups, wafters, and dumbells to compliment the range. A 1kg bag of 15mm or 18mm are £10.99. Pop-ups, wafters, and dumbells £4.99.



If you want a handy way to carry your spod mix then these Particle Jars are perfect. Use as much, or as little as you need, and then screw the lid back on and save for another day.

Saturated in high quality minerals, and with no preservative, the mix is cooked in the jar to keep every drop of goodness.

The latest flavour to the range is the Nutty Spod Mix - with seeds, nuts, and a nutmeal to give a milky liquor. Priced at £10.99 each.


BTfeeder (2).jpg

Into your feeder fishing? Then the Pro Feeder groundbait could be what you’re after.

Available in two colour options, Pro Feeder is yellow, herby, and the sweeter mix which will attract most smaller species while Pro Feeder Dark fishmeal will target the bigger fish like carp, bream, and barbel. Retail price is £3.49 a bag.




Nuts are a very popular flavour and Bait-Tech’s Nutty Glug contains a combination of roasted nuts and a sweet liquid food base.

I’m sure fish will love it, it’s PVA friendly, full of nutrients, and will be great for your hook bait, spod mix or PVA stick. A pot works out at £6.99.

For more information and a full run down on many more products go to




Here’s a great range of new pop-ups from Baitcraft

After their very successful and innovative back rest product released last year, Bank Bug moved on to become the official suppliers of the cult carp bait produced by Baitcraft.

With top flavours T1, Super K, and Snowball having proved themselves on the bank they are now easy to order freshly rolled and delivered ready to freeze, and are also available in shelf-life with a full range of sizes.

But the guys at Baitcraft have been in touch recently to let me know of their latest release, the UK Tactical Pop-Ups range.

Rolled to be extremely buoyant they eliminate the need for cork balls, remaining suspended indefinitely. The pop-ups are made from a high leakage food source base mix containing natural carp attractors, taste enhancers including Robin Red and Haith’s CLO, so with a mixture of 18 unique, classic and all time favourite flavours, you should be able to find at least one to suit your needs.

Available in 250ml pots with a mixture of 12mm and 16mm sizes they retail at £8.99 each.

For more info click here.

Here’s the full list of flavours:

Lobster Thermidor, Squid Supreme, Crayfish Caviar, Tuna Twist, Sweet GLM, Pukka Pineapple, Perfect Plum, Banana Cream, Super Tutti, Blackcurrant Juice, Aniseed Twist, Classic Butterscotch, Curry Club, Sticky Toffee, Old Skool Whiskey, Roasted Nut, Frankfurter Plus, Royal Rosehip

Some light in the darkness as we look at the best catches from head torch specialist Coleman

The CXS+300 Rechargeable LED head torch puts out 300 lumens

The CXS+300 Rechargeable LED head torch puts out 300 lumens

Whether you’re fishing into darkness along a winding stretch of local river, hoping for a nice chub or hard fighting barbel... or perhaps you’re a hardcore carper who’s waiting for a large mirror or common, in their winter colours, to grace your net?

Well there’s one thing that’s invaluable at this time of year, and that’s a good headtorch.

Now with the nights drawing in and dusk upon us early in the afternoon our torches get some heavy usage at this time of year, so it’s great to see the latest headtorches starting to use rechargeable batteries.

Always thought this would be handy especially if you forget to pack any spare batteries, just plug it into your portable USB charger, or car power socket and away you go.

The battery powered CXS+250 is perfect when mains power isn't around

The battery powered CXS+250 is perfect when mains power isn't around

Well the guys at Coleman's got in touch recently to tell me about their latest products. Lots of different features, and a choice of mains or battery powered, but here's the technical bit!

The super bright CXS+250 has an output of 250 lumens so you can rest assured that you won’t be left in the dark while out and about this winter.

The adjustable head strap sits comfortably and securely on the wearer and the lightweight design means the torch will feel comfortable while in use.

The CXS+250 operates off 3 AAA batteries (supplied) and offers an ideal alternative for those times when perhaps mains power isn’t an option, at the campsite, the lake, or an evening walk.

The fully featured CXS+300R with an exceptional brightness of 300 lumens, comes equipped with a highly efficient rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, which is especially compatible with LED lighting.

This offers an incredibly reliable and durable power source, as well as increased charge capacity, lower-weight and improved run-time.

Packed full of technology, the CXS+250 and CXS+300R head torches offer REAX™ auto-adjusting, light-sensing technology, which automatically adjusts the beam and brightness to suit your activity and Coleman’s new KineSix™ technology offers a convenient hand-swipe interface meaning you’ll be in control of the five different light brightness modes.

For full info on these headtorches click here.